Sunday, December 2, 2012


Its been four days since Anne came to my house. Her body is taking shape from the beating she got from her girlfriend, Alexie. I have been having the urge to beat her up senseless but it aint worth it, Anna has been avoiding her calls and text messages. She told me that this has been the order of the day, Alexie beats her up, Anna runs away and Alexie comes back for her, this time she says she is done. She sleeps in my bed, comes to the bedroom naked and there is no one point i ever touched her, i bathed her on the first day she came and i wonder, i spent seven monthd trying to be faithful to girl who has been in my life and left because i treated her bad, now i have a chance with her but i can‘t look at her. Damn!!! I really need to get my act right or else...

Anna on her side was leaving as though we were married, i could get home from work and find dinner ready, the house clean and she was locked in my room covered with papers, books and pens, studying, filling her brains with information that will not really help her in future but for her exams and certificate, she needed that. I remember back in campus, that was me, studying so hard for my programming exams, yea computer programming, i was such a geek, spectacles, bag filled with books, books on my hands and the library was my best friend. This is how i met Anna, we were the best of friends, she was always in my hostel room. With my solutide, i chose a room for one and it was paid for, for a whole year, hence i never missed my room for a whole semister.  I was glad that Anna was taking shape, she was eating like she was pregnant, but am glad she was.

This particular day i got home at around 23:00 hours, she was really scared and as i was driving home, she kept on calling asking where i am, i thought Alexie found her. I rushed up the stairs to my house, opened the door frantically and rushed to my room, she was burried in her books, her phone directly infront of her, earphones plugged in her ears and so she did not hear me burst inside, i tapped her shoulder and she sprung off the bed jumped on me and hugged me like i was gone for years. I looked at her and as i was trying to get answers from her eyes, she pulled me and started kissing me, crazy kissing. Then it came, what i was looking for, something that will make me want her like i dreamt of her. I reciprocated, lifted her off her feet, laid her on the bed, books pushed aside to give us room to get indulged.

Anna wanted to be on top, i wanted to be on top and with all the fighting, tossing and turning, we both fell on the other side of the bed, i was on top and i thought i hurt her, but no, her legs crossed around my waiste, her hands covering her face, she burst out laughing. Awwwww... she was looking so cute and edible and all i was thinking of was how to get her off those jeans she was wearing.

I lifted her and got her back to bed, she was still as light as a feather, i could feel my groove getting back on and i couldnt wait to devor this amazing creature on my bed.  I pinned her down, held both hands above her head and with my other hand, i unbuttoned her top and unclipped her bra, thank God the clip was at the front, easy as ABC, and there they were, the cutest, finest, edible round melon shaped twins. Wanted to burry my head between them, but i took time to study them, i slowly let go of her hands as i kissed her full pink lips, she was now holding on to my head, not wanting to let go of me, its like she wanted me to stay here and i wanted go down.

Moments later i managed to pull of my head and burried it between the gorgious twins, she was moaning in pleasure and there was no way i was goin to stop, i unzipped her jeans, took it off and amazingly, she had no panty and i found a river between her legs, she really wanted me, it was not easy for her to get wet unless the foreplay was really long, i felt the wetness, she was opening, my lips working her left nipple, i know how sensitive it was, i didnt wanna stop, i wanted to go on and on and on ... her wetness, her wetness made me wanna go deeper into her, i went down on her, kissing her belly, flat belly with a red belly ring that matched her African light skin, the lips, the lips between her legs were calling out for me, wanting me to eat them alive. My tongue working her clit as i took moments to drink up her juice, Damn!!! I missed this,  my finger thrustin in and out of her, my tongue rubbing her clit.... meeeeeeen!!! Heavenly bliss, i could feel her tighten and i knew this was the moment, for a moment i thought am gonna kill her, she was screaming at God knows who n within a few seconds, she let out one big moan gurshing all her waters on my face, she looked helpless on the bed, so i covered her and held her to sleep.


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