Sunday, December 29, 2013


I came home to find my Hannah dead asleep. I took a quick shower and joined her in bed. It was 5:30 in the morning, I know Hanna for sleeping heavy so I did not wake her up. I walked straight to the shower and wash off the sex from earlier that night.

Tasha was amazing why lie. Amanda was in for the idea I start work immediately, thank heavens she settled to give me a week to sign off with my previous employer. Day off for me. As I emersed my whole body in the bath tab,  all I could think of was Tasha and all her crazyness. I lit up a spliff to get that 3D replay of the events last night. It must have been more than an hour and I was so engrossed with the 3D movie playing in my head, I did not notice the water temperature change. It was already cold, high on spliff I cared less. But Hannah,  the woman I married felt this is not right, she turned the heater on to a temperature I liked. My eyes opened to see my woman, naked, coiled between my legs. For a moment I saw Tasha. Difference was the radiance in Hannah's eyes, the eyes tha pulled me back to her, got me an instant turn on.

I pulled her towards me, looking straight in her eyes. I started to kiss her full lips, I could feel her trembling and I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. As I kissed her, I remembered the first time we had sex, I got one major clit throb and all I wanted was to eat her up. I sat up and let her sit down her legs wide spread, her boobies all out and wet calling my name. I got hold of the twins and started sucking one after the other. Switching kissing her lips and running my fingers on her soft skin. I kissed her inner thighs as I dipped my head in water to get to her wet pussy. I pushed her backward, she pulled herself upwards and opted to sit on the tab edge. There!!!! The baby I was looking for. I inserted one finger, Gosh!  She was flowing a river, I did not want to miss a drop of this. As I fucked her hard I licked the juices and sucked her clit. She was calling my name in extacy and I couldnt stop. Wanted to go on and on until...... until that time she gushed out and washed my face and hair with squirt. This was a first, I wanted more of this.

After taking her breath. Hannah said "Goodmorning fucker?"
"Goodmorning fuckee."
We both laughed and I light a cigerate.
"Today we stating in bed and order for pizza, deal?" I asked.

We had fucked for close to 1 hour. We rinsed and headed back to bed. Only to find my vibrator set on the bed. Fully charged. Wow... this going to be one hell of a fucking day.


  1. more we want more!! and seriously I need to get my wife back :(

  2. damn fuckee i want my baibe back