Sunday, December 29, 2013


I came home to find my Hannah dead asleep. I took a quick shower and joined her in bed. It was 5:30 in the morning, I know Hanna for sleeping heavy so I did not wake her up. I walked straight to the shower and wash off the sex from earlier that night.

Tasha was amazing why lie. Amanda was in for the idea I start work immediately, thank heavens she settled to give me a week to sign off with my previous employer. Day off for me. As I emersed my whole body in the bath tab,  all I could think of was Tasha and all her crazyness. I lit up a spliff to get that 3D replay of the events last night. It must have been more than an hour and I was so engrossed with the 3D movie playing in my head, I did not notice the water temperature change. It was already cold, high on spliff I cared less. But Hannah,  the woman I married felt this is not right, she turned the heater on to a temperature I liked. My eyes opened to see my woman, naked, coiled between my legs. For a moment I saw Tasha. Difference was the radiance in Hannah's eyes, the eyes tha pulled me back to her, got me an instant turn on.

I pulled her towards me, looking straight in her eyes. I started to kiss her full lips, I could feel her trembling and I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. As I kissed her, I remembered the first time we had sex, I got one major clit throb and all I wanted was to eat her up. I sat up and let her sit down her legs wide spread, her boobies all out and wet calling my name. I got hold of the twins and started sucking one after the other. Switching kissing her lips and running my fingers on her soft skin. I kissed her inner thighs as I dipped my head in water to get to her wet pussy. I pushed her backward, she pulled herself upwards and opted to sit on the tab edge. There!!!! The baby I was looking for. I inserted one finger, Gosh!  She was flowing a river, I did not want to miss a drop of this. As I fucked her hard I licked the juices and sucked her clit. She was calling my name in extacy and I couldnt stop. Wanted to go on and on until...... until that time she gushed out and washed my face and hair with squirt. This was a first, I wanted more of this.

After taking her breath. Hannah said "Goodmorning fucker?"
"Goodmorning fuckee."
We both laughed and I light a cigerate.
"Today we stating in bed and order for pizza, deal?" I asked.

We had fucked for close to 1 hour. We rinsed and headed back to bed. Only to find my vibrator set on the bed. Fully charged. Wow... this going to be one hell of a fucking day.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


I have been away for a while. Thinking of new stories that would leave you wanting more of what is in my head, if not wanting to be with me. I have been digging deep to get a turn of events to who I currently am. Well its simple, at times we decide not to eat Chicken because the flesh is white and the skin is rough, if you had my back ground, another reason would be you saw it die. You stick to beef and fish. Reality check is you have not tasted and gave verdict, you just pulled off chicken. That was me when I started this blog, not that I had eaten chicken and swore to never eat chicken, but yea, I did not eat chicken because I don't eat chicken. My family and friends could not understand this no matter how much I tried. My liking for women was a mystery to them, with the love they have for me they accepted me for who I am. A few years down the line, after dating and getting my heart broken, I tried chicken, under unexplainable circumstances, it was right there and the only meal I could eat at that time and with my hunger I thought, "this will not kill me." So I dug in to enjoy a piece of the rough skinned piece of flesh served to me. Well, errrrr Ok, mhmmmmmmmmm, not bad. Honestly the fast time was not all good, but I managed. I met this awesome guy, we both loved the same things, talk of pint, blunt, good music etc. We bonded and it started off bestboyfriend/bestgirlfriend kinda thing and one thing lead to another and he was in my bed. In my f***ing bed, under my sheets, in me. This picture still is in my head, and who said I complained. This continued for several nights, we had several escapades together without establishing what exactly we were doing. I enjoyed the ride as it lasted, and again who said I am complaining. True story: I may not be having chicken anymore, back to my delicacy, fish and who said I do not get a piece of chicken once in a while. Enjoying both has become an all new experience to me. My new stories will give you the vibe, whether fiction or reality, they will still be as sweet as they have always been, with little turn and twists here and there. Now let me go fishing and chickening. Wooooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Windsdale Communications was rebranding. I got to Amanda's office at around 7:40 A.M. My appointment was at 8. I was meeting Amanda who was the current C.E.O after Gabriel, her husband left for Canada to manage the Canadian Office. I knocked on her door, she was on call and sermoned me in with a wave. I sat down on the chair opposite her, I remembered how we fucked on that chair, on the table and on the carpet. Office was now changed to the CEO's office. The walls were brought down and in place was a glass wall that anybody could see what is happening inside. I had to put on my best behavior. Amanda was done with the call and we started talking, we decided I start work the following week, the package came with a new car and a house, own compound. Something that I have been yearning for. A good salary to top it up and other benefits that I could not say no to. I was taken round the office, Amanda introduced me to the Customer Care department. The Call Center had grwn so much with a capacity of 2000 sitting. This was so great and I felt honored to be called in as a Directing Manager, Customer Management. I was then taken from one office to another, Alex already got a promotion, he was now Head of Department, Information and Communication. His office was one of the best offices after the CEO's and mine. He was so thrilled to see me and we opted to hook up after hours for a drink. Next we went to the HR office and this office was full of beautifuk women and one of them was Tasha. Tasha is short, just how I like them, nice round boobs that seemed to pop out of her low neck top, her bra gave her a nice cleavage that i never stopped staring. I could see her smile as I stared at her chest, when I looked up she was glued to me and our eyes locked. I said hello to kill the wierdness and get my step to walk. The old me would tap that ass by the end of the evening, I looked at the band on my finger and I remembered my beautiful wife at home. After the meet and greet, we went back to Amandas Office with Alex for a briefing, it was made clear that office will remain office and not a den of adultrious people. Hahahaha coming from Amanda? Well, time will tell. It was now some minutes to 4pm and Amanda, Alex and I were done with the briefing. I was to be introduced to Gabriel on Skype but decided to do it later in the coming week. Amanda opened a bottle of whiskey, we drank as we chatted, and from the position I was seating I noticed that I could see the HR office, I kept on checking if Tasha will next to the window or somewhere close. "Ray," Amanda called, she noticed I am not listening. "Are you with us?" "Amanda," I started, this Tasha chic, what is she in the HR department?" Amanda looked at the HR office and said, "She is currently on probation. Her work is good I am thinking of keeping her. Why? You like her?" "Please keep her," I said. "She is beautiful and as you say her work is good, she looks like a hardworking type." Blunder! Amanda summoned her to the office through the switchboard, she came in within 5 minutes and sat opposite me. I was staring without blinking, I cuold see her lips moving and stop, then move again, looks at Amanda then smiled and I heard my someone call my name, it was not Amanda. I had to leave and since Alex and I planned for a drink, Amanda and Tasha decided to join us. Tasha and I shared my ride while Alex and Amanda both had their own rides. We got to a nice joint that we liked to go back in the days. Since Tasha and I shared my car, it was now easy to converse as the awkwardness cuold not be felt anymore. By midnight, we had drained almost 2 bottles of whiskey, Tasha was getting worried over this and wanted to go home, immediately Amanda gave her a days off and I had to convince her to stay with the Bosses as she will be one very soon if her work was good. Tasha and I were talking none stop. She asks me to go back to her house , so we can talk more and be in a more private atmosphere. We had to find a way of dodging Amanda and Alex and so we left and got to her house and she opens a bottle of wine and brings out some snacks. We continued talking for awhile. Tasha tells me she has a hot tub in the bathroom, up her bedroom. Nice thought. She handed me one of the bathing suits and we go and change. She brings the wine out and hands me the snacks and we go into the bedroom. Her bedroom was big, leave alone her bedroom, her house was the kind I see in movies. I later learnt that she inherited from her parents who perished in a plane crush a few years ago. Her siblings were all out of the country and so she had the house for herself. We get into the hot tub . The water was so hot and the jets felt really good on my back . We sat right next to each other . She put her hand around my neck and starts to play with my dreadz, claiming that she loved locked hair. I turn to her and she starts to kiss me . We kissed very deep and very passionately. Our tongues dancing in one another’ s mouth. Her kisses were so sweet and so intense, that I forgot I had to go home. I felt like I could kiss her for many hours. She takes my hand and we get out of the tub . She has a fucking patio full of furniture, I must have a patio in my bedroom, where i can make love to my wife as we count starts. She takes me to a lounge style couch . Her hands are around my waist and our bodies are pressed together. We remove each other's bathing suits . Our hands start to feel each other ' s bodies . We start rubbing each other ’ s pussies and it feels so incredible . We are both butt naked and our pussies felt amazing, ok, my pussy. I did not ask if she was feeling nice, I dont follow up with one nighters. Tasha lays me down and she sits on top of me. Her hands are all over my breasts . Her mouth has moved to my nipples that she is slowly sucking. Her tongue is kissing me all over and it feels so good.She spreads my legs and starts to lick the creases of my thighs . Her tongue starts to explore the folds of my pussy lips . She spreads my pussy lips with her tongue . She starts to tongue fuck my warm wet pussy . I am moaning and my hands are now playing with my breasts. I am bucking and grinding my cunt into her face. I let out a small whimper and my body starts to release my pussy juices. My sweet dreamy cum floods her mouth. Tasha is lapping it up as fast as she can. She scoops some cum up and feeds me her fingers that are dripping of my juices. We start to kiss, deep and passionately, my cum on her breath . We are holding each other. I tell Tasha I have never had such a powerful orgasm as I just did . I want to return the favor . Tasha tells me there is oil on the table, ok, at first I was like, what for? But I decided not to ask out loud, I obliged . She said it would be nice if I could give her a massage, something I am god at. Tasha lays on her stomach and I put the warm oil on my hands. I start on Tasha’s neck massaging her with my hands. I pour oil onto her back as my hands work her tight muscles. I pour oil on her buttocks and I am working each cheek in my hand . I lean down , and start to lick her asshole. She tastes so good , as my tongue is exploring her . I work the oil on Tasha’s legs and her calves . I pour oil on Tasha's feet and work the soles of her foot . I take her foot and suck her toes one at a time . I tell her to turn over. I felt so connected to her and she is so beautiful , her body is just perfect. I pour the oil over her breasts and stomach , and I slowly begin to massage her breasts. I sucked her nipples and rolling them between my fingers. I squeezed her breasts together and then I rub each one separately kissing them and cupping them. I then work the oil on her flat stomach . I lean down and start to kiss and tongue her belly button . I pour the oil all over her legs. I am working her legs and her calves very deeply, when I heard a soft moan . I pour oil all over her pussy. I rub my hands all over her pussy. I replace my hands with my tongue . I am slowly tasting her beautiful bald cunt. I had never tasted another woman after I got married, but I wanted her so much. Her pussy is so sweet , and very wet . I loved how her pussy was responding to my tongue . She was moaning and groaning as I was tongue fucking her . I pour oil into my hand and slowly begin to finger her pussy . She is so wet , and she is moaning, damn!. I continue to rub my index finger on her clitoris that is now swollen . She is bucking her pussy into my face and her scent is just intoxicating. I am fingering her very slowly now. I have three fingers inside her wet cunt. I can feel her vagina muscles contracting with the deep penetration of my fingers. Tasha is moaning and telling me not to stop calling out my name . I begin to taste her sweet juices that are flowing out of her cunt. Tasha starts to orgasm and her creamy dreamy cum is pouring out . Tasha's cum tastes like a sweet peach . I just kept licking her and sucking on her clitoris that is so swollen and hard. I swirl some of her cum on my fingers and feed it to her . We again begin to kiss . Our bodies are pressed together and the kissing is so intense . I never want to stop kissing her full lips. I took a glass of wine and poured on her breasts as she was cupping them, i drunk my wine from her breasts an just then my eyes caught the clock on the wall, it was reading 3:45 am. "Shit," I jumped off the coach and apologised to Tasha and explained I needed to get home. I dressed up as fast as I could and rushed to my car. I did not want to call Anna, i thought I will just get to the house and wait for the unfolding drama.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Its 5 am in the morning, we slept butt naked and no covers to prevent us from the cold. Anna was coiled in my arms, dead asleep; the sound of my vibrating phone did not wake her up. I checked my phone with sleepy eyes and saw that Amanda, Anna’s mum, was calling. From the past I have had with her, I was a little surprised why she was calling this early morning. I looked at Anna who was not bothered by neither my movement nor the phone, I covered her up and slowly left the room and went down stairs to the kitchen. “Hello?” I said with a husky voice “Hello Ray, sorry I woke you up.” Amanda started “No, not a problem, whats up?” I asked “Well, this may come as a surprise,” My heart skipped a beat; I was hoping it has nothing to do with me and her. “I have an opening for you if you are interested.” “What kind?” I asked. “My Managing Director quit and I have not uploaded the vacancy yet, I wanted to ask you first and make this a family business since you are now part of Anna and I.” That statement shocked me, I had to deeply think about this. “When is my deadline? I need to think about it.” “Take your time, not more than a week though, I will manage for now.” “Ok, no problem, let’s talk by end week.” And with that we said our goodbyes and went back to my room. Anna was already awake; I guess she noticed I’m not holding her anymore. I had to say something. “Your mum just called.” I said. “What did she want?” she asked getting concerned. “Not important, let’s talk about it at breakfast, come on its still early.” I got back to bed and held her, I could not go back to sleep and neither could Anna. I tried to get off the bed and watch a movie, but, Anna being Anna, with her sex appeal and appetite could hear none of it. She pulled me back to bed and climbed on top of me, I did not get time to say a word, I let it flow and let her do whatever she wanted on me. Surprise! Surprise! I have never seen this side of my baby girl, she was all over me. Kissing every inch of my body, now, this is where she got me. She has never known my soft spot and I never let her know. All the sex we had, I got my satisfaction from doing all the “nasty” things I did to her. She asked me to turn and lie on my stomach, hands under my pillow and get comfortable. I did just that. She ran her tongue from my neck, down my spine to my ass, I got shiver, no! not even a shiver, this was like an electric shock that got my fingers and toes coil as though I was in a cocaine trance. I never wanted her to stop. She did it again and this time I can swear, the hairs at the back of my neck stood up, my blood stopped flowing for a moment and I became went instantly. I wanted to turn and grab her but she was stronger than me. Wow! That’s a first, I let go of my attempt and let her do her thing. She dropped down and started to bite my ass cheeks lightly, at this time my body was shivering from the ecstasy I got from all the things she was doing to me. I was filled with goose bumps and not from the cold. I was losing my breath and she would not let me breath. She ran her hands from my ass which to my slit which was already wet from the things she was doing to me. She slowly started nibbling my clit, at this time I was hard going to explode, my heart was in a rat race, beating fast and hard, my moaning was getting louder I had to bite my pillow while she was at it. When she realized I’m too wet and I wanted to release, she stopped and looked me, forcing me to turn over. “I’m not done with you.” With that she smiled. She then started kissing my lips, holding my hands down over my head. She slowly went down to my neck then nipples. Taking her sweet time on each nipple, she kissed me down to my belly ring, this was the killer, the area around my belly ring is very soft and sensitive, she made sure I let out a scream before she went down to my slit. This time she was eating up my pussy like it was candy and I could tell she was really enjoying, I could not take it anymore and I felt my body crunch up, her finger went in with ease and I knew this was not going to last long. Anna made me come, for the first time I squirted with ecstasy and washed her face with my cum, her soft hair was sticking on her face making her look so beautiful I wanted to return the favor, but my body was too weak to. I pulled her up and kissed her softly and lay my head on her bosom for a power nap. Its 6:05am.

Monday, September 16, 2013


It has been a while since my last post. Anna and I have been away from social media to celebrate our new found relationship. So much has happened in the 9 months we have been away. Anna has stood by me through thick and thin and now that we finally tied the note, we have alot of drama and sexy stories for your reading. We discovered something new and i guess that is what i will start off with. After our wedding last December on my birthday, it was closed, friends and family only private event. Anna and I left for Zanzibar where we were for 2 months before coming back home to start the process of family. We want to have at least 2 children, one from me and one from her, same donor if possible. Before i tell you about our escapades and wedding, let me start from where i left off. After Anna and Alexie broke up, Anna moved in with me, permanently. A few weeks before our wedding, we visited Alexie, as i was driving there, Anna was quite paranoid, she never knew the reception we would get but i assured her of the positive side of our visit. I told her everything will be ok. When we got to Alexies gate, the watchman opened the gate for us and at that moment, i saw something different in Annas eyes. My right hand was steering and my left was still holding the gear handle, Anna held my hand and squeezed it, I looked at her and saw her tensed eyes, watery and her cute face turned pink and i knew this was fear. I never said a word nor did i react to her look, I slowly parked the car a few meters from the gate. I looked at Anna, held both her chics, kissed her sofly on her tensed lips and said "Is ok babe, I am with you, things will be fine." She did not respond but her face lit up instantly and we both smiled. There were four houses in the compound, all four storey. Alexies house was on the third flour of the second flat, second house on the right. Anna made me lead the way as she advised me on where to go. I rang the bell to Alexies door and for the first time, i felt a shiver. The 5 minutes we waited at the door seem a whole hour, we were both silent, trying not to look scared. I heard the door knob click then it turned and opened the door, there she was, Alexie. She did not know who I was, when she saw Anna, her face turned red. She let us in without a word. I was the last to enter, Anna walked straight to the sitting room and stood next to the coat stand, Alexie's house was very beautiful, Anna looked at me and asked me to sit down. Alexie on the other hand did not know how to react, she walked slowly to where Anna was standing and held her tightly. I swallowed hard and looked the other way. "Alexie," I heard Anna call her. "This is going to be hard so i need you to let me go and sit down." Alexie reciprocated and sat down, this time giving me a stare and ofcourse this scared me. I mean Alexie looks like a boy, she is a real butch and looked very strong. My heart missed a beat, my face had a very brave look but i did not care. "Alexie," Anna called again. "Shit happened between us, I moved on and I hope you too. I just came to pick my things and leave you in peace." Alexie did not respond, she showed her the way to the bedroom of which Anna looked at me and asked me to follow, but i declined. Anna shrugged her shoulders and went to the room. I was left to face Alexie by myself and I did not know how to deal with it. We sat in silence, Alexie looking at me from the corner of her eyes, i was staring at the movie on the screen even though my head was not there A few minutes later, which looked like eternity, Anna came back with a suitcase and a laptop bag. I stood up to help my wife to be with the luggage. Alexie on seeing this, she sprout from her sit and said, "I will do that." I let her take the suitcase handle, I took Annas laptop bag and started walking to the door. "Anna," Alexie Called just before she held the door knob. "This is it?" "Yes Alexie, this is it." Then she opened the door. "Wait Alexie, can we talk about this?" Alexie was now sounding desparet and depressed. Anna looked at me hoping that I will say something. I did not, I stood there in silence waiting to see the next move. Anna walked towards Alexie, hugged her and kissed her cheek. She took the suit case handle and wheeled the suitcase towards me and handed it to me. "Alexie, I am getting married. This is Rayrae my patner. You need to move on too." With that we both left and went to the car. I was busy packing the stuff in my car when Alexie came to the balcony. She did not say anything, Anna and I got into the car and drove off. "Babe, you were stronger than me in there, you know that?" I said as i smiled at her. "Yea babe, its because you were there, otherwise, it would have been different." "How different?" I asked. "You know I have a past with her, and not an interesting one, I am still bitter at her and I wanted this to be as peaceful as it can be. She would try to get me back, I would refuse then we start another fight. I did not want that." With that I took her hand and kissed the back of her hand. Music playing on the radio, both of us singing along to our favorite hits, making fun of the days events and gladly said goodbye to the day as we drove in our drive way. Anna with all exitement dushed off to open the gate and our main door, she the disappeared to the house. I was left to close the gate and take her stuff inside. I wheeled the suitcase to the house and carried it up the stairs to our room, she was already naked and kneeling on the bed. I got turned on immediately. "Woman, am gonna do nasty things to you." I said, trying to make my voice deep. "Come on babe, I am all yours."

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Its been four days since Anne came to my house. Her body is taking shape from the beating she got from her girlfriend, Alexie. I have been having the urge to beat her up senseless but it aint worth it, Anna has been avoiding her calls and text messages. She told me that this has been the order of the day, Alexie beats her up, Anna runs away and Alexie comes back for her, this time she says she is done. She sleeps in my bed, comes to the bedroom naked and there is no one point i ever touched her, i bathed her on the first day she came and i wonder, i spent seven monthd trying to be faithful to girl who has been in my life and left because i treated her bad, now i have a chance with her but i can‘t look at her. Damn!!! I really need to get my act right or else...

Anna on her side was leaving as though we were married, i could get home from work and find dinner ready, the house clean and she was locked in my room covered with papers, books and pens, studying, filling her brains with information that will not really help her in future but for her exams and certificate, she needed that. I remember back in campus, that was me, studying so hard for my programming exams, yea computer programming, i was such a geek, spectacles, bag filled with books, books on my hands and the library was my best friend. This is how i met Anna, we were the best of friends, she was always in my hostel room. With my solutide, i chose a room for one and it was paid for, for a whole year, hence i never missed my room for a whole semister.  I was glad that Anna was taking shape, she was eating like she was pregnant, but am glad she was.

This particular day i got home at around 23:00 hours, she was really scared and as i was driving home, she kept on calling asking where i am, i thought Alexie found her. I rushed up the stairs to my house, opened the door frantically and rushed to my room, she was burried in her books, her phone directly infront of her, earphones plugged in her ears and so she did not hear me burst inside, i tapped her shoulder and she sprung off the bed jumped on me and hugged me like i was gone for years. I looked at her and as i was trying to get answers from her eyes, she pulled me and started kissing me, crazy kissing. Then it came, what i was looking for, something that will make me want her like i dreamt of her. I reciprocated, lifted her off her feet, laid her on the bed, books pushed aside to give us room to get indulged.

Anna wanted to be on top, i wanted to be on top and with all the fighting, tossing and turning, we both fell on the other side of the bed, i was on top and i thought i hurt her, but no, her legs crossed around my waiste, her hands covering her face, she burst out laughing. Awwwww... she was looking so cute and edible and all i was thinking of was how to get her off those jeans she was wearing.

I lifted her and got her back to bed, she was still as light as a feather, i could feel my groove getting back on and i couldnt wait to devor this amazing creature on my bed.  I pinned her down, held both hands above her head and with my other hand, i unbuttoned her top and unclipped her bra, thank God the clip was at the front, easy as ABC, and there they were, the cutest, finest, edible round melon shaped twins. Wanted to burry my head between them, but i took time to study them, i slowly let go of her hands as i kissed her full pink lips, she was now holding on to my head, not wanting to let go of me, its like she wanted me to stay here and i wanted go down.

Moments later i managed to pull of my head and burried it between the gorgious twins, she was moaning in pleasure and there was no way i was goin to stop, i unzipped her jeans, took it off and amazingly, she had no panty and i found a river between her legs, she really wanted me, it was not easy for her to get wet unless the foreplay was really long, i felt the wetness, she was opening, my lips working her left nipple, i know how sensitive it was, i didnt wanna stop, i wanted to go on and on and on ... her wetness, her wetness made me wanna go deeper into her, i went down on her, kissing her belly, flat belly with a red belly ring that matched her African light skin, the lips, the lips between her legs were calling out for me, wanting me to eat them alive. My tongue working her clit as i took moments to drink up her juice, Damn!!! I missed this,  my finger thrustin in and out of her, my tongue rubbing her clit.... meeeeeeen!!! Heavenly bliss, i could feel her tighten and i knew this was the moment, for a moment i thought am gonna kill her, she was screaming at God knows who n within a few seconds, she let out one big moan gurshing all her waters on my face, she looked helpless on the bed, so i covered her and held her to sleep.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

That Long???

This was one of the days I could stay indoors and lock myself inside, either take my glass of whisky and stare blankly at some movie, not knowing what the hell is happening, not even aware of the story line. Well, this day was quiet different, ever since I left Amanda's Company and joined a competitor, I lost contact with her completely, Anna could text me once in a while. The last time we spoke, Anna was dating some butch from her school; I was happy for her but deep inside I felt a certain pain that I guess the reality was kicking in at this moment. I really wished I could hold Anna again, talk to her, look deep in her eyes and tell her something I had never told her before, want to tell her that I loved her and all the shit I did to her is unforgivable but I hope she forgives me. I wanted to look at her beautiful face, see her glowing smile and twinkling eyes. This combination is something I will never erase from my head. This day was a day that I did most of my laundry, ever since I started working, I never did my laundry, I never cooked in my house, always eating out, I never cleaned my house, Hired someone to do all that. I was either too high or too wasted to do all that and my working days were my working days, nothing but work. Once I was done with the clothes and made my late lunch, all I wanted was some soft music as I enjoyed my late lunch. I served a piece of dry fried chicken and spiced rice, I love spices, sat on my couch in devoured the serving on my plate, I love my food hot, spicy hot, so I can do that ‘Ha ha ho ho hu hu’ thing trying to cool down the heat. In the midst of my ‘HU HA HU HU’, ideas started flowing in, I really wanted to write, I could see words (Literally), shooting like shooting stars, I put my food aside, went to my room, picked my laptop and went back to the couch, so as I was writing, I could scoop my food at every break, especially when reading through. I got engrossed in the story, I could not hear my surrounding, then, just then, a felt something vibrate, the first thought that came to my mind was Anna. Anna could turn on the vibrator while I was busy working, on occasions like these, when I became too busy for her, she made sure I would get some time for her. OK, they might be countable times but now I cherish those moments, the sound of the vibrator would turn me on in an instance and I would jump onto the bed and really give it to her good. One thing I always remember about Anna and her craziness was that she could get wet the moment a kissed her. Kissing Anna was the best thing ever happened to me, her soft full lips, her soft hands pulling my short dreadz, back then, yes, short dreadz, I love the her tongue would slowly creep in my mouth and start rolling it inside tickling my throat. I was just coming out of my zone when the vibration stopped, well I shrugged my shoulders and went back to writing. Again the vibrator started again and this time I was so sure it was not in my head, I never keep my toys in the living room so I stood up to see my phone on the TV stand vibrating its way on one end of the stand, well, told you, it was not in my head. I picked the call and I swore I could recognize that voice, I could hear this voice and I was so certain, I knew it. “Hey Ray” said the voice. “Anna!” I exclaimed, she was the only person who knew how to call my name. “I was just checking on you, how you knew it’s me?” she asked “I can never forget that voice, are you Ok” “No am not. I need to see you. How can I see you? You moved out I came looking for you but you weren’t there?” I felt her voice shaking, I felt her cry on the other side, I wanted to rush there and just hug her and talk to her, hold her in my arms and take the pain away. “Where are you right now?” I asked “I am at my girlfriend’s house” ‘Then why the hell are you calling me now after so long?’ I almost said that out aloud but I asked her to meet me up at a club, four blocks away from where I stayed, It was a walking distance and so I left the house when she said she was almost. I carried my laptop to keep me company as I waited. When I got there she had not yet arrived and so I started writing my blog as I puffed my smoke slowly, enjoying the ambience of writing out, taking breaks and looking at the environment as though it was talking to me. There she was, Anna, my Anna, but there was something different, her walking was slow, her eyes were swollen, her soft full lips were swollen and bruised, her face was not the same, she was carrying a back pack and when she saw me she dropped her bad and tried to leap towards me, then I noticed she was in pain. I rushed to her and held her before she fell, took her bag and sat her down next to me. I could see the pain in her eyes, she wanted to cry and at the same time she was holding her tears back. Without a word I paid my bill, took her hand and walked her slowly outside the club. “You never stopped smoking?” she broke the silence in midst of her tears, the tears she was trying to hold back. “There are some habits we do not just stop,” I said with a fake smile. “Then I guess you still the player you were”. I knew where she was going to, “who did this to you?” She did not reply, but instead she broke down and let her tears out. I had never seen Anna cry this much, when I hurt her, I did not see this side of her. I stopped the nearest cab I saw and took her to my house. We said no word to each other, even when we got to the house. It was very sad to see her sad and in pain, I prepared her hot bath, bubbled some mint in it for her to just soak the pain away, I wish there was something I could do. I took her to my room, undressed and her took her to the bathroom, she immersed herself, full body, in the water and when she came back up, she asked me to stay a while. Bad idea, I left the bathroom, locked the main door, went back to the bathroom and locked the door.