Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Windsdale Communications was rebranding. I got to Amanda's office at around 7:40 A.M. My appointment was at 8. I was meeting Amanda who was the current C.E.O after Gabriel, her husband left for Canada to manage the Canadian Office. I knocked on her door, she was on call and sermoned me in with a wave. I sat down on the chair opposite her, I remembered how we fucked on that chair, on the table and on the carpet. Office was now changed to the CEO's office. The walls were brought down and in place was a glass wall that anybody could see what is happening inside. I had to put on my best behavior. Amanda was done with the call and we started talking, we decided I start work the following week, the package came with a new car and a house, own compound. Something that I have been yearning for. A good salary to top it up and other benefits that I could not say no to. I was taken round the office, Amanda introduced me to the Customer Care department. The Call Center had grwn so much with a capacity of 2000 sitting. This was so great and I felt honored to be called in as a Directing Manager, Customer Management. I was then taken from one office to another, Alex already got a promotion, he was now Head of Department, Information and Communication. His office was one of the best offices after the CEO's and mine. He was so thrilled to see me and we opted to hook up after hours for a drink. Next we went to the HR office and this office was full of beautifuk women and one of them was Tasha. Tasha is short, just how I like them, nice round boobs that seemed to pop out of her low neck top, her bra gave her a nice cleavage that i never stopped staring. I could see her smile as I stared at her chest, when I looked up she was glued to me and our eyes locked. I said hello to kill the wierdness and get my step to walk. The old me would tap that ass by the end of the evening, I looked at the band on my finger and I remembered my beautiful wife at home. After the meet and greet, we went back to Amandas Office with Alex for a briefing, it was made clear that office will remain office and not a den of adultrious people. Hahahaha coming from Amanda? Well, time will tell. It was now some minutes to 4pm and Amanda, Alex and I were done with the briefing. I was to be introduced to Gabriel on Skype but decided to do it later in the coming week. Amanda opened a bottle of whiskey, we drank as we chatted, and from the position I was seating I noticed that I could see the HR office, I kept on checking if Tasha will next to the window or somewhere close. "Ray," Amanda called, she noticed I am not listening. "Are you with us?" "Amanda," I started, this Tasha chic, what is she in the HR department?" Amanda looked at the HR office and said, "She is currently on probation. Her work is good I am thinking of keeping her. Why? You like her?" "Please keep her," I said. "She is beautiful and as you say her work is good, she looks like a hardworking type." Blunder! Amanda summoned her to the office through the switchboard, she came in within 5 minutes and sat opposite me. I was staring without blinking, I cuold see her lips moving and stop, then move again, looks at Amanda then smiled and I heard my someone call my name, it was not Amanda. I had to leave and since Alex and I planned for a drink, Amanda and Tasha decided to join us. Tasha and I shared my ride while Alex and Amanda both had their own rides. We got to a nice joint that we liked to go back in the days. Since Tasha and I shared my car, it was now easy to converse as the awkwardness cuold not be felt anymore. By midnight, we had drained almost 2 bottles of whiskey, Tasha was getting worried over this and wanted to go home, immediately Amanda gave her a days off and I had to convince her to stay with the Bosses as she will be one very soon if her work was good. Tasha and I were talking none stop. She asks me to go back to her house , so we can talk more and be in a more private atmosphere. We had to find a way of dodging Amanda and Alex and so we left and got to her house and she opens a bottle of wine and brings out some snacks. We continued talking for awhile. Tasha tells me she has a hot tub in the bathroom, up her bedroom. Nice thought. She handed me one of the bathing suits and we go and change. She brings the wine out and hands me the snacks and we go into the bedroom. Her bedroom was big, leave alone her bedroom, her house was the kind I see in movies. I later learnt that she inherited from her parents who perished in a plane crush a few years ago. Her siblings were all out of the country and so she had the house for herself. We get into the hot tub . The water was so hot and the jets felt really good on my back . We sat right next to each other . She put her hand around my neck and starts to play with my dreadz, claiming that she loved locked hair. I turn to her and she starts to kiss me . We kissed very deep and very passionately. Our tongues dancing in one another’ s mouth. Her kisses were so sweet and so intense, that I forgot I had to go home. I felt like I could kiss her for many hours. She takes my hand and we get out of the tub . She has a fucking patio full of furniture, I must have a patio in my bedroom, where i can make love to my wife as we count starts. She takes me to a lounge style couch . Her hands are around my waist and our bodies are pressed together. We remove each other's bathing suits . Our hands start to feel each other ' s bodies . We start rubbing each other ’ s pussies and it feels so incredible . We are both butt naked and our pussies felt amazing, ok, my pussy. I did not ask if she was feeling nice, I dont follow up with one nighters. Tasha lays me down and she sits on top of me. Her hands are all over my breasts . Her mouth has moved to my nipples that she is slowly sucking. Her tongue is kissing me all over and it feels so good.She spreads my legs and starts to lick the creases of my thighs . Her tongue starts to explore the folds of my pussy lips . She spreads my pussy lips with her tongue . She starts to tongue fuck my warm wet pussy . I am moaning and my hands are now playing with my breasts. I am bucking and grinding my cunt into her face. I let out a small whimper and my body starts to release my pussy juices. My sweet dreamy cum floods her mouth. Tasha is lapping it up as fast as she can. She scoops some cum up and feeds me her fingers that are dripping of my juices. We start to kiss, deep and passionately, my cum on her breath . We are holding each other. I tell Tasha I have never had such a powerful orgasm as I just did . I want to return the favor . Tasha tells me there is oil on the table, ok, at first I was like, what for? But I decided not to ask out loud, I obliged . She said it would be nice if I could give her a massage, something I am god at. Tasha lays on her stomach and I put the warm oil on my hands. I start on Tasha’s neck massaging her with my hands. I pour oil onto her back as my hands work her tight muscles. I pour oil on her buttocks and I am working each cheek in my hand . I lean down , and start to lick her asshole. She tastes so good , as my tongue is exploring her . I work the oil on Tasha’s legs and her calves . I pour oil on Tasha's feet and work the soles of her foot . I take her foot and suck her toes one at a time . I tell her to turn over. I felt so connected to her and she is so beautiful , her body is just perfect. I pour the oil over her breasts and stomach , and I slowly begin to massage her breasts. I sucked her nipples and rolling them between my fingers. I squeezed her breasts together and then I rub each one separately kissing them and cupping them. I then work the oil on her flat stomach . I lean down and start to kiss and tongue her belly button . I pour the oil all over her legs. I am working her legs and her calves very deeply, when I heard a soft moan . I pour oil all over her pussy. I rub my hands all over her pussy. I replace my hands with my tongue . I am slowly tasting her beautiful bald cunt. I had never tasted another woman after I got married, but I wanted her so much. Her pussy is so sweet , and very wet . I loved how her pussy was responding to my tongue . She was moaning and groaning as I was tongue fucking her . I pour oil into my hand and slowly begin to finger her pussy . She is so wet , and she is moaning, damn!. I continue to rub my index finger on her clitoris that is now swollen . She is bucking her pussy into my face and her scent is just intoxicating. I am fingering her very slowly now. I have three fingers inside her wet cunt. I can feel her vagina muscles contracting with the deep penetration of my fingers. Tasha is moaning and telling me not to stop calling out my name . I begin to taste her sweet juices that are flowing out of her cunt. Tasha starts to orgasm and her creamy dreamy cum is pouring out . Tasha's cum tastes like a sweet peach . I just kept licking her and sucking on her clitoris that is so swollen and hard. I swirl some of her cum on my fingers and feed it to her . We again begin to kiss . Our bodies are pressed together and the kissing is so intense . I never want to stop kissing her full lips. I took a glass of wine and poured on her breasts as she was cupping them, i drunk my wine from her breasts an just then my eyes caught the clock on the wall, it was reading 3:45 am. "Shit," I jumped off the coach and apologised to Tasha and explained I needed to get home. I dressed up as fast as I could and rushed to my car. I did not want to call Anna, i thought I will just get to the house and wait for the unfolding drama.


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