Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Its 5 am in the morning, we slept butt naked and no covers to prevent us from the cold. Anna was coiled in my arms, dead asleep; the sound of my vibrating phone did not wake her up. I checked my phone with sleepy eyes and saw that Amanda, Anna’s mum, was calling. From the past I have had with her, I was a little surprised why she was calling this early morning. I looked at Anna who was not bothered by neither my movement nor the phone, I covered her up and slowly left the room and went down stairs to the kitchen. “Hello?” I said with a husky voice “Hello Ray, sorry I woke you up.” Amanda started “No, not a problem, whats up?” I asked “Well, this may come as a surprise,” My heart skipped a beat; I was hoping it has nothing to do with me and her. “I have an opening for you if you are interested.” “What kind?” I asked. “My Managing Director quit and I have not uploaded the vacancy yet, I wanted to ask you first and make this a family business since you are now part of Anna and I.” That statement shocked me, I had to deeply think about this. “When is my deadline? I need to think about it.” “Take your time, not more than a week though, I will manage for now.” “Ok, no problem, let’s talk by end week.” And with that we said our goodbyes and went back to my room. Anna was already awake; I guess she noticed I’m not holding her anymore. I had to say something. “Your mum just called.” I said. “What did she want?” she asked getting concerned. “Not important, let’s talk about it at breakfast, come on its still early.” I got back to bed and held her, I could not go back to sleep and neither could Anna. I tried to get off the bed and watch a movie, but, Anna being Anna, with her sex appeal and appetite could hear none of it. She pulled me back to bed and climbed on top of me, I did not get time to say a word, I let it flow and let her do whatever she wanted on me. Surprise! Surprise! I have never seen this side of my baby girl, she was all over me. Kissing every inch of my body, now, this is where she got me. She has never known my soft spot and I never let her know. All the sex we had, I got my satisfaction from doing all the “nasty” things I did to her. She asked me to turn and lie on my stomach, hands under my pillow and get comfortable. I did just that. She ran her tongue from my neck, down my spine to my ass, I got shiver, no! not even a shiver, this was like an electric shock that got my fingers and toes coil as though I was in a cocaine trance. I never wanted her to stop. She did it again and this time I can swear, the hairs at the back of my neck stood up, my blood stopped flowing for a moment and I became went instantly. I wanted to turn and grab her but she was stronger than me. Wow! That’s a first, I let go of my attempt and let her do her thing. She dropped down and started to bite my ass cheeks lightly, at this time my body was shivering from the ecstasy I got from all the things she was doing to me. I was filled with goose bumps and not from the cold. I was losing my breath and she would not let me breath. She ran her hands from my ass which to my slit which was already wet from the things she was doing to me. She slowly started nibbling my clit, at this time I was hard going to explode, my heart was in a rat race, beating fast and hard, my moaning was getting louder I had to bite my pillow while she was at it. When she realized I’m too wet and I wanted to release, she stopped and looked me, forcing me to turn over. “I’m not done with you.” With that she smiled. She then started kissing my lips, holding my hands down over my head. She slowly went down to my neck then nipples. Taking her sweet time on each nipple, she kissed me down to my belly ring, this was the killer, the area around my belly ring is very soft and sensitive, she made sure I let out a scream before she went down to my slit. This time she was eating up my pussy like it was candy and I could tell she was really enjoying, I could not take it anymore and I felt my body crunch up, her finger went in with ease and I knew this was not going to last long. Anna made me come, for the first time I squirted with ecstasy and washed her face with my cum, her soft hair was sticking on her face making her look so beautiful I wanted to return the favor, but my body was too weak to. I pulled her up and kissed her softly and lay my head on her bosom for a power nap. Its 6:05am.