Thursday, October 7, 2010


Well this is supposed to be my diary right? And each day I have something to right about, well now I am doing a daily thing because interesting things keep on happening and I just want to write and post to and share it with people I know. Well as more and more drama unfolds I guess I think of changing my career to something more interesting, mhm…. Let me see… I may go into casting, but that is a kidogo jobo, I want something that has mph! Something that will give me the power, well there is script writing too, ok its good right? But come to think of directing, yea directing would do. You know sitting on that rolling chair, smoking my cigar and telling the cast what to do and what not to do. Good idea huh? Better still I can do all, script, cast, direct and market coz this drama is just enough to get me to the Oscars. A dream that all celebz have in one way or another. It could be comic, horror, action or a bit of all. We have heard of physical stubbing, mental rubbing, name calling I mean enough drama to make your heart sink, to make your heart skip a beat, to crack you ribs and all. This drama can roll a whole 2 hour cinema to make me rich… ha ha ha ha think in terms of them doh, but do I say. Now what to call it? Mhm…we have watched the L-word, full of sex, heart breaks, love, talk of the real L-word with its drama, love, sex and alcohol on the folds. So I want a catchy name for it u know a name that will just call people to come and watch it. I thought of Lesville but lesbian desperate housewives came to mind. Lesville as the call the real Lesville of desperate lesbians trying to seek attention and I did not want that for my very expensive script,  wait! I could use initials like when you hear of CSI you think of detective an investigative movie, or when you hear of 411 then informative comes to mind, so what can I use? I want it worth the time of painfully gluing your eyes to some humongous screen, feeding yourself with some expensive pop corn and soda that costs triple of how you would get it in the local vendor. That aside, so we have lesbians and drama, Le-drama? Nuh that’s too obvious.  Actually the L-word is being remixed in Nairobi, come tp think of it. We have seen our very own Shanes, Bettes, Tinas, Als, name them. Most of what we have watched in L-word is being remixed in Lesville.

Imagine Homos in their own planet? Sounds like national geographic, and that’s the irony in it, read IRONY. Since this is for lesbian (Gay dudes, my brothers sorry give me sweetness I will involve you) I decided on Lezoplanet with a scary back cover as dark as all the drama in Lesville, blood shot eyes, angry teeth and hungry tongues and fingers.  Kick ass lovers, and break hear frienemies. I can imagine how all this would come into place. If I could right how the sound track goes and I would. Trust me the Lesville drama is sweeter than the L-word drama, with the all the booze, blunts, sex, merry go rounds I mean this thing is on point and the best part is its right there at your door step and only that it is not shown on the big screen but it is lived.

Wow! Lezoplanet….where you can be what you want to be.


  1. aint nowhere more intresting than lesville!the drama.........

  2. Mel well said we have just seen enuf we wanna watch it on the screens

  3. Drama like u can't believe. Love it though!