Thursday, October 7, 2010

BAD....... ME HEAD

The streets were very clear and all I could think was that cold drink after a long days work. My best friend was waiting for me at a local joint, our favorite joint. I tried to hasten my steps just to be there on time and get all the udakus of the week and catch up on the updates of the day.  It was that sunny afternoon that I met some of the lesbians in Nairobi. It was really interesting so I got there and once I spotted my best friend we sat down to chat and catch up with what was pending over the week, who missed what, who met who, who broke up with who, who is dating who and the normal udakus girls would sit and talk. I do not drink myself but I was thirsty for a cold bear and my oh my there it was, I could not wait for the waiter to open it, I did it with my teeth (a painful experience), I had to feel that cold bear down my throat and listen to this crazy udaku my pal had for me. We were seated at the balcony of the club and we had a clear view of the street below. Discussing the female anatomy and geography laughing our ribs out to the funny geographies we saw (such an evil habit). But we were enjoying every bit of it, just then this girl from I don’t know just popped in and tapped my shoulder. Well I looked up and was mesmerized by the site, the noisy me was replaced by a silent me that is not easy to see. There was something about her so I just stared at her as she pointed something out to me of which I was not thinking, I was just staring at this beauty that tapped my shoulder, my eyes landed on her boobs and my oh my, my head went to another world, there they were, calling out my name. Wait! How did they know my name, I was actually talking to them….I mean talking at them, yea talking to them that’s the right grammar. I was now clenching my fist not to make a bad move, then I saw an ash tray pass my face, and the boobies we talking no more and my mind came back to reality, the girl walking away and my friend talking…..actually not my friend, the bums were now calling my name and saying something that I was trying so hard to listen to. So I was staring as she was walking away, and the voices of the bums echoing somewhere in the loud music. Then I heard something talk to me, it was so close that I actually talked back loudly. Oh shoot! It wasn’t something but someone calling my name for real. That was my best friend wondering what was happening to me.

Now I get it the girl wanted me to pass the ash tray, and all along she was talking I was busy staring, my friend had to pass the ash tray, and as she was walking away my friend was trying to get my attention but all along I thought the bums were talking to me, silly me. Now that became a laughing matter between my best friend and I.  I wished I could just walk up to her and just tell her how hot she looked and I would love to buy her coffee, but dare you try that in the city then you will face the wrath of the possessive and jealous boyfriend so I let it pass and continued to eat her with my head and wishing upon wishes that she could be mine. If only I was accepted in this society then I would not fear and face her and tell her how I felt. This is what most of us fear to be beaten or bashed by people around us for being us, I am 100% sure that when I was staring, some heterosexuals were really pissed by me, but do you blame me for being me and loving something that I find mesmerizing? I do not think so, it is me, and it is me that has feelings with my own and it’s something that I cannot explain. I just hope I will meet her again some place where I can actually stop her and just tell her how I feel.