Friday, October 15, 2010


After writing the RULES OF LESBIAN LIVING, I got some reactions from my close friends and so my friends decided we go have a drink at our local hung out and discuss the rules. When I got the texts from my friends asking me what I was thinking when I came up with the rules, others thought it was funny and real and others felt I was out on my mind and some rules they did not understand, I was in a long endless meeting that the texts were the only thing that kept me alive in that meeting otherwise, I would be long zoned out to a world of my own. With my friends insisting on going, I imagined an exiting meeting with my friends and the agenda being RULES OF LESBIAN LIVING. Interesting huh? I could not wait for this meeting to end and my friends and I meet under the cool music sipping some cold beer and me smoking my lungs black.

At exactly 5.00pm, I parked my bags ready to leave the office, I asked one of my friends to print out the rules so we could go through them at the 'meeting'. My best friend was first to come, I call her my Whore for any time I need her, or she needs me, we always there for each other. We became tight over a short period of time, and the fact that she is not ready to settle even though she has beautiful girls on her neck, who want to be with her... what the hell is wrong with you, Whore get one and settle. So she calls me to ask how far I am from getting to our joint, withing a few minutes I was there and saw her at our usual place, Toto,s Korna. so after ordering our first drinks, next came her clande, well we both met her recently and found that she is one of good company that we really enjoyed hanging out with her.  They walk together from work and they are always online talking to each other and laughing at other peoples pain and drama. So the Clande walks in with another beautiful woman and my Whore and I started thinking who she could be, once the introductions were done we settled for mistress, we did not know her and the fact that she came in with my Whore's Clande then she is her mistress and the fact that they were talking in low tones. Moments later, the crowd was getting bigger, my friend, i did not mention her, I came in with her, we do not have a name for her yet but as long as she hangs out with us, later she will get hers, well she met her primary or is nursery school sweetheart so they were both engaged in there little talks and catching up on what life is and stuff, thats the much I could hear from my eavesdropping, so yea the crowd was getting bigger and Mama B had a grand entrance, well its not easy to have big tois and still look very beautiful, hahahaha Mama B our mama and the house hold grows day in day out. Last time I checked we had a brother who thinks she is a Diva, talk of Beyonce, Lady Gaga.....well its in his head so he/she looks like one of the divas. Well i do not know how that went but sooner or later we shall find out from Mama B. Our table was full so we had to get an alternative, go to the balcony where we had enough space even to move our legs, so yea we just having a great time reading the RULES OF LESBIAN LIVING, when my whore left for a moment, when she came back.....uh la la la! Behind her was this pretty little lass, with some pretty lassy smile, so My whore does the introductions and to say the truth I cannot remember her name, I was not high when she was being introduced to me but I zoned out when she was being introduced to us...tsk tsk not ak me what I was thinking of.

My whore's Clande and her Mistress were in their own worlds, seriously we supposed to have a meeting , not private chat so we had to pull their attention, we asked the Clande wich rule she found fascinating, apparently every one liked Rule # 26. 'It can't be a sin. We are not even IN the Bible. ' I could not agree more. They wondered why I did not put a rule on those who think that being a lesbian is to be a butch and be all rough and a 'bad boy'. I had the perfect answer. Rule # 14. 'You should not consider yourself lesbian-impaired if you do not own a chainsaw.' Why should you think you are not lesbian enough if you do not act rough and deepen your voice, Ok seriously if you deepen your voice to look like a guy and start katiaing chics because you feel like a lesbian boy, then i advice you to start taking hormones and call yourself something else and not lesbian. Coz you look ridiculous when you so look like a woman with feminine face, breast and top of the list PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rule # 5 was also interesting. 'It's a law. After six months, all lesbian couples will walk alike. After one year, all lesbian couples will be wearing at least one matching item. After ten years, all lesbian couples pronouncing the word "hello" into a telephone will sound indistinguishable (in my case it only took one year and now even my mother can't tell us apart...) After twenty years, all lesbian couples - regrettably - will have the same body.' thats what I felt, in one way or another we get so attached to our partners that we start having similarities and act the same, interesting huh? my friends feared if the las part of the statement is true then, one has to work hard on teir bodies coz in most cases you will take the big body if your partner has a big one :-p.

The night was getting better so we decided to switch clubs and so we left Toto's Korna to another joint, well with the excitement and all I lost my wallet and thats how my beautiful evening with Toto's family died :-( .

Mad love Toto's Family 


  1. mad luv to the toto family....leo remix au sio...just be careful wit tha wallet...