Monday, September 16, 2013


It has been a while since my last post. Anna and I have been away from social media to celebrate our new found relationship. So much has happened in the 9 months we have been away. Anna has stood by me through thick and thin and now that we finally tied the note, we have alot of drama and sexy stories for your reading. We discovered something new and i guess that is what i will start off with. After our wedding last December on my birthday, it was closed, friends and family only private event. Anna and I left for Zanzibar where we were for 2 months before coming back home to start the process of family. We want to have at least 2 children, one from me and one from her, same donor if possible. Before i tell you about our escapades and wedding, let me start from where i left off. After Anna and Alexie broke up, Anna moved in with me, permanently. A few weeks before our wedding, we visited Alexie, as i was driving there, Anna was quite paranoid, she never knew the reception we would get but i assured her of the positive side of our visit. I told her everything will be ok. When we got to Alexies gate, the watchman opened the gate for us and at that moment, i saw something different in Annas eyes. My right hand was steering and my left was still holding the gear handle, Anna held my hand and squeezed it, I looked at her and saw her tensed eyes, watery and her cute face turned pink and i knew this was fear. I never said a word nor did i react to her look, I slowly parked the car a few meters from the gate. I looked at Anna, held both her chics, kissed her sofly on her tensed lips and said "Is ok babe, I am with you, things will be fine." She did not respond but her face lit up instantly and we both smiled. There were four houses in the compound, all four storey. Alexies house was on the third flour of the second flat, second house on the right. Anna made me lead the way as she advised me on where to go. I rang the bell to Alexies door and for the first time, i felt a shiver. The 5 minutes we waited at the door seem a whole hour, we were both silent, trying not to look scared. I heard the door knob click then it turned and opened the door, there she was, Alexie. She did not know who I was, when she saw Anna, her face turned red. She let us in without a word. I was the last to enter, Anna walked straight to the sitting room and stood next to the coat stand, Alexie's house was very beautiful, Anna looked at me and asked me to sit down. Alexie on the other hand did not know how to react, she walked slowly to where Anna was standing and held her tightly. I swallowed hard and looked the other way. "Alexie," I heard Anna call her. "This is going to be hard so i need you to let me go and sit down." Alexie reciprocated and sat down, this time giving me a stare and ofcourse this scared me. I mean Alexie looks like a boy, she is a real butch and looked very strong. My heart missed a beat, my face had a very brave look but i did not care. "Alexie," Anna called again. "Shit happened between us, I moved on and I hope you too. I just came to pick my things and leave you in peace." Alexie did not respond, she showed her the way to the bedroom of which Anna looked at me and asked me to follow, but i declined. Anna shrugged her shoulders and went to the room. I was left to face Alexie by myself and I did not know how to deal with it. We sat in silence, Alexie looking at me from the corner of her eyes, i was staring at the movie on the screen even though my head was not there A few minutes later, which looked like eternity, Anna came back with a suitcase and a laptop bag. I stood up to help my wife to be with the luggage. Alexie on seeing this, she sprout from her sit and said, "I will do that." I let her take the suitcase handle, I took Annas laptop bag and started walking to the door. "Anna," Alexie Called just before she held the door knob. "This is it?" "Yes Alexie, this is it." Then she opened the door. "Wait Alexie, can we talk about this?" Alexie was now sounding desparet and depressed. Anna looked at me hoping that I will say something. I did not, I stood there in silence waiting to see the next move. Anna walked towards Alexie, hugged her and kissed her cheek. She took the suit case handle and wheeled the suitcase towards me and handed it to me. "Alexie, I am getting married. This is Rayrae my patner. You need to move on too." With that we both left and went to the car. I was busy packing the stuff in my car when Alexie came to the balcony. She did not say anything, Anna and I got into the car and drove off. "Babe, you were stronger than me in there, you know that?" I said as i smiled at her. "Yea babe, its because you were there, otherwise, it would have been different." "How different?" I asked. "You know I have a past with her, and not an interesting one, I am still bitter at her and I wanted this to be as peaceful as it can be. She would try to get me back, I would refuse then we start another fight. I did not want that." With that I took her hand and kissed the back of her hand. Music playing on the radio, both of us singing along to our favorite hits, making fun of the days events and gladly said goodbye to the day as we drove in our drive way. Anna with all exitement dushed off to open the gate and our main door, she the disappeared to the house. I was left to close the gate and take her stuff inside. I wheeled the suitcase to the house and carried it up the stairs to our room, she was already naked and kneeling on the bed. I got turned on immediately. "Woman, am gonna do nasty things to you." I said, trying to make my voice deep. "Come on babe, I am all yours."

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