Sunday, October 17, 2010


OK, now my whore gives me psyche to meet her at the Toto's korna for a drink or two and being a Friday I did not want to risk carrying my lap top with me, so I left in the office and just took my bag and left for Toto's Korna at 5.30pm. my whore was going crazy about this visitor who was to visit Toto's Korna that day and how she could not wait to see and maybe take her home... that is so typically my whore..... I got to Toto's Korna and my Whore was seated with the clande as usual sipping on their cold drinks, my thirst for my cold bear was unbearable so I sat down and called for the waiter immediately, my whore was yapping about this gal that she wanted us all to meet and so we could not wait and see this gal that my whore thought she could chippoh and take home that night, tik tok tik tok, behind the blaring music ny whore left for us for a moment and went out to pick someone, of course with the much anticipation what else would she be going for? a few minutes later she back inside with___________________ uh how do I put this with....... fuck! some one give me that word... damn! urgkh!!!!! CHIPPOH! yea al call her that, uuuhhhhhh! :-/ ahem! so she came and sat down on our table and Clande and I looked at her after the introductions and since she was my whore's visitor we let them talk for a while as we were trying to read what kind of a person she is, well she was talking and talking and talking and talking and talking ....YAWN!!!!!!!!  and talking and talking and.....we  were all shushed at the Korna like we could not make noise like we always do, where the hell is Mama B, she had not shown up yet and for real this Chippoh was getting into my nerves seriously, she was not letting us talk, it was all about her and when someone talks about something, well she will top it up in her own like she want to hold the BONGA crown for the night, so I texted my Whore and asked, 'WTF!' We could not for her to get high or something and go home, moments later the chippoh brought her visitor too,  now Mayo, Chippohs guest joined our table and my whore as her nature left the table and went I don't know where only coming back with some guy that...... yea some guy that..... nkt! I cant remember he face and what I thought of him at that moment, anyway they left our table and took another table somewhere else now that my Whore ducked her guest it was time for Clande and I to duck and leave the table,so we moved to a better and spacious Korna where we now sat and started to laugh at My Whore the so thought Clande and how her cob webs will be cleaned up that night. The chippoh was busy chatting with her friend Mayo while Clande and I were busy talking about her... btw do you know she hit my arm hard? wow! she gat a heavy hand, one serious slap and you are dead... anyway My Whore came back a few moments later, drunk as hell, later found out that she drunk to forget her failing night so in one way or another we had to spice up the evening, I got mad funs in the club for my dancing and my drinks were coming like a nonsense, Chippoh really wanted to fit in and so when Mama B came, she found that we already high on Hell knows what and so she had to scream for us to get her attention and u know Chippoh screamed back like they were Bff's? WTF! was Mama B's reaction. As the night progressed chippoh had to leave us in the club, and Oh before that Mayo was throwing vibe at my Whore, asking all types of questions and ofcourse he knew were all lesbians buy n=my whore benefited from him, a glass of famous grouse! did she really finish it?

Hahahahahha! back to our table after her boring chippoh left with her Mayo, my whore came back to our table, she was so high and my bottles were now down to 2, but all this went down to glasses after my whore tripped on the table, now we had to pay 100/= for broken glass, but with Mama B and her big mouth..... just guess what happened, i do not think if Toto's korna will be visited anytime soon unless we keep it low for things to settle down.

Now pombe ni mbaya na ni muongo, who said that when you are drunk you rule the world, wish you saw the drunken girls walking and disturbing some innocent girls on the street, well here is a little advice for you  ILE SIKU MTACHAPIWA KWA BARA BARA JUU YA UCHOKOZI, MTAWACHA POMBE, and that goes for me too.