Friday, October 8, 2010


In campus I had this friend of mine, dude, we were the best of friends and guys thought we are dating or something, ok seriously we were very tight that I could spend a night on his bed his single room house, something that made him not date easily coz chics could not believe that him and I are just best friends. Luckily he knew I was a lesbian and he loved my company and each time after classes he would come for me and walk me home or something. He made my campus life a lot easier with no guys hitting on me. Now that we are off campus and each person is living personal lives though we meet once in a while for sleepovers and all, we still maintain our sex free relationship, and each time we see each other we have new updates for each other and that’s what I love about our relationship, we may stay for more than 2 months with no communication, which reminds me, I got a text from a friend of mine which reads “Do you know the relationship between your eyes? They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together and sleep together, though they never see each other. Friendship should be like that. Life is hell without friends, send this to all your friends including me if am one of them.” Then I thought of my best friend and how we have been separated by fate but still maintain our mutual relationship, this is six years down the line.

Back to my best friend, he met a girl and insisted on us guys meeting to clear the air that he is already dating, well I went for the dinner I was invited for and found her in the kitchen making some dinner, as usual my best friend and I have a ritual greeting that comes automatically, so yea we got to our little ritual and this girl was at the kitchen door staring and rolled her eyes then went back to the kitchen. I did not bother so my best friend and I went to the living room after I waved a high 5 to the girl, took some cold bear…mmmmh just how I like it…. So we get down to talking none stop kama kawaida. We did not notice the food was ready so we were talking and laughing our butts loud. She calls us for dinner then I remembered there was an agenda for the meeting so I started asking question, trying to know the girl. And each time I was talking about me, Vic, my best friend would finish my sentences and I his. Now it was getting into her nerves and asked Vic to the kitchen for a talk or something or maybe make out I don’t know, apparently she wanted to know how come Vic could not finish her sentences like he does mine, well I don’t know what answer he gave. That was a bad start with my best friends girlfriend, anyway a few months down the line we became very good friends and each time I was coming over to either spend or have dinner she would really get excited and make my favorite, chapatti and beans or dengu.

On one particular occasion Vic travelled and the girlfriend invited me over, so when I got there, dinner was ready and I asked of Vic’s whereabouts and she said that he had travelled upcountry and she felt lonely and thought of inviting me over to keep her company since I’m like a sister to her. Ok this is crap! I thought but just let it pass, after dinner we sat down for a movie and she brought me cold beer, wow I love this. In the middle of the movie and my second beer, she shot the question, “so you and Vic have never had sex?” Chic if we had sex I wouldn’t be here meeting you and imagining the shit we used to do with your boyfriend.

“No, we have never, he has been my best friend for years.”

 It was getting weird with the more she opened her mouth to ask me questions and so I snapped at her and told her I am a lesbian and I do not do dicks and thus her boyfriend and I cannot have sex for whatever reason.  Ok now she started to stare at me and smiling sheepishly, “does Vic know am here?” ok that was a stupid question I asked. This girl is hot, with very nice boobiz, colgate teeth, long fingers with short nails, I mean she is one to die for. She is tall. Five foot eight, dark hair. Her face is pretty, even lovely with those pouty lips and high cheekbones, she is dropping gorgeous and I could not stop staring at her as she tried to flirt with me.  Her waist was slim, and her hips were full, and her legs were long and shapely with rich calves fairly rippling with her muscles. I am sure many men had told her that she had the most beautiful legs that they'd ever seen, for real this girl I think of to this date. I realized that Lisa, my best friend’s girlfriend, was stroking my arm. Goose bumps rose beneath her gentle touch. I raised my eyes to look into Lisa's steady brown ones and saw lust there, lust that stirred my groin just because someone was attracted to me and yet the boyfriend is my best friend. "Have you ever done, you know, anything with a woman before?" She said no and said she wouldn’t mind if I was the first. Ok now that statement gave me a major turn on and that sexy voice that she spoke with, I didn’t wait for her to talk any more I started kissing her, rubbing her boobiez.  I tossed Lisa's robe aside and slid my hand between her legs and squeezed the damp crotch of her panties.Lisa raised her hips as I worked to pull down her panties. "You have really sexy legs," I breathed, running my hands over them. My eyes locked on to the dark delta in the center of Lisa's hips, "In fact, you're pretty everywhere. Really pretty!"Almost as if it were someone else's voice, I heard Lisa say, "I think you're sexy, too." Using the palms of my hands, I spread Lisa's thighs and began exploring Lisa's slit with my fingers. My hand worked slowly, sliding two fingers up Lisa's vagina. Lisa rocked her hips, gently fucking. Each time she came down on my hand, my thumb pressed against her clit. Just as she thought she might come, I pulled my hand away. She wanted more of that.  She whimpered. "Not yet, darling," I said with a broad grin dimpling my cheeks. I had a few freckles lightly sprinkled across my nose that Lisa found very endearing at that moment as I knelt between her thighs and lowered my head into her hungry lap. Lisa closed her eyes with ecstasy as she felt my hot moist tongue wash her vulva and then begin to systematically explore every nook and cranny of her pussy.

Lisa raised her knees by propping her heels on the edge of the couch and reached down, spreading her swollen lips wide with her hands. She peeked at me worshiping between her legs and felt rather than saw the two fingers reentering her vagina. I licked and fucked her slowly, my eyes gazing adoringly and shamelessly up into Lisa’s.

"I'm going to come!"

"Don't." I commanded. Before I could blink my eyes she game this scream of ecstasy, she clenched her fist as she pulled my head closer then she pulled my dreads as she tried to catch a breath.  I stood up went to the shower and took 15 minutes to just let the water run on me then came back finished my beer and never talked about it. This was last year. So yesterday she sends me a text saying how much she is missing me, and misses my love making and she would want me to go to her house and just feel her…. :P I just smiled and thought of the last time we had sex…ok I fucked her so I took my bag put off my phone and headed home for I was having this terrible headache that I just wanted to go home and sleep.


  1. Jesus christ man! nktt!
    u just dont do that!

  2. Hahaha a nice piece, all women are gay, until proved otherwise...LOL

  3. you know what they say a spaghetti strand is only straight till you dip it in water....

  4. info ??????? lonlife thanks and thats true... barbie am a witness

  5. intrestin....n true no chic is 100% straight...

  6. I would really like to date a lesbo

  7. Damn!
    you were a baaad friend.....but i dont blame you
    that was hot