Monday, October 11, 2010


I though I will start off my weekend on a high note but this was not meant to be since Vic and Lisa were all over my neck and space. My air was tight and I really felt suffocated in my own space. Embraced by the thought of my love steeped in the silence of my loneliness, I sat on my desk in my room drafting and scribbling on my note pad and having nothing to write about. My mind was already tired and the light from my lamb flickered in my room causing dead images on my wall. the fear of losing my best friend crawled in and my heart sank deep to my belly. After Lisa sent me a text which I thought was my best friend, with my anger I called best friend to scold him instead of asking for an explanation. My best friend came to know of my darkest secret that i had kept from him for over 3 years. I held my breath so hard when he called me, he asked me to meet him in town where we could have a conversation and know what really is happening. My spine went cold and my mouth got dry with the dust of fear of losing my best friend.

Well it was around 7:30 pm and the thought of leaving my house and go to town to meet him was draining my brains. I took my jacket off the hook and called my taxi guy to drop me at the shopping center. On reaching the shopping center I call Vic back to ask him to come to the shopping center which was central to both of us than going into town. I looked for a place where he could easily spot me, I settled for this restaurant just next to the road. the ambiance in it really opened the fear in me, the walls were painted red and black, the light was dim and cream chandelier hung graciously at the center of the restaurant, on the walls, lamps with red light were mounted giving the restaurant an aura of glory. Everything in the restaurant seemed to be just a vibration. Every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every elementary “particle”, even my thoughts and consciousness became vibrations. I walked to the balcony where i chose an open place for Vic to find me easily, the music was not very loud and deafening at the balcony so we could easily talk, I ordered for my cold beer and a pack of my dunhill menthol to calm me. I lit up my cigarette and sipped my beer, that feeling is what i was longing for, the cold beer meeting with the hot smoke in my mouth and the feeling rolling calmly in my chest. I was enjoying the cold beer when my phone rang. It was Vic, he was asking where I was and so I told him to find me.

I wish I insisted on talking on the phone, he walked in with Lisa trailing behind him, my feet felt cold and numb. They got to the table and we shook hands and i welcomed them to the table, it was a meeting to solve issues that I thought was just stupid. I sat to listen, they ordered their drinks and Vic got me another cold beer, I wished I took some tots of hard liquor before they got there, i flashed my first beer to take me away fast, I needed to be high. Vic started talking asking us questions on how far us guys went and how long it was going on, well you guys read my previous story, that is exactly what happened. In a nut shell, she called me in the house asked me questions about Vic and I. if we have gad sex before and all that crap. she wanted to get laid, and not by Vic but me. she had hots for me and I did not know, having taken one too many and gotten high, one thing led to another and she was lying naked next to me blacked out by ecstasy. Lisa on the other hand confessed that after that night she has been wanting to lay another woman, in essence she turned bisexual an she has been lying to Vic all this time. For her to text me, she wanted a recap of what we had 3 years ago, why? because... she has been looking for a girl who would do her like I did to give her a black out. She used Vic's phone and forgot to sign with her name, she also forgot to delete from sent items and thats how her 40th day came. 

Well I am sorry for Vic and Lisa, Vic has lost the love of her life on my account, Lisa has lost the trust Vic had for her and me, I lost my best friend who i could always come to when I needed someone to talk to and share my deepest feelings with. Some one who was more than life to me. Someone I really trusted to always be by me, for a stupid deed I did 3 years ago.

I am  sorry Vic.

That was  the beginning of my weekend, but all things turned up well in the course of the weekend having my house full, loving friends and partner filled my house. My weekend was finally well spent, eating and drinking together. My love giving me the night to remember, pouring all her love to me physically and emotionally, her cute face next to me in bed just made me forget all the hurt ache I went through the previous day, then I remembered I have a  reason for living, the beautiful woman who came to my life when I really needed her, and still there when I need her, needs me too. My weekend turned out so awesomely thats I wished to stop the hands of time and just have her with him for as long as the hand could stop.

My friends just made my weekend a happy one......



  1. Thats an interesting story,hope all works out 4 u and vic

  2. Thank you winnie and thank once again for reading

  3. We always read your blog. U the best. Should get an award for your work.