Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's December 17, 2010, I wake up with love surrounding me something that happened ages ago on the same date. Well I have many thanks this year, but before that Let me reminisce on my past year. My past year was full of blessings having come from one hell of a dungeon to a haven full of love and care. I should say that I prayed for blessings in 2009, December 17, I may not have received as much as I wanted but the little I got made a big impact om me. If I can count some of the blessings I got, I would start by saying that starting my new year on December 17, 2009 started off with the one blessing that will always be my number one, having family around me to love me and care for me, my Mama and Papa that gave life to me and still love me for me, my sisters that shower me with more blessings my elder brother that I adore so much and who gave me a roof over my head when I did not have one, my younger bother for loving and appreciating me, counting down dates, I met a wonderful woman that turned my life around, showered me with love that no other woman has ever done, loved me for me and for who I am not what I have. And On December 20, 2009, we made it official, following my birthday, I got the love of my life, my partner and lover, the mother of my daughter, the strength of my weakness. Babe I love and will always do, now and forever as we say.

Not forgetting a very beautiful woman and lovely friend that came to me when all those I called friends left me in my time of need, Ruler bender, you know the place u hold in my heart, and those tough times in my life that you made easy, will always count them as big blessings received in my year ended yesterday. And for all the times we have been there for each other, sweetheart you are one in a million and I love you.

The past year is a year that I met the craziest family, a family that will be there anytime you need them, a family that will make you laugh even when your day is down how... Big up girls and Totoz, you make happy and there is nothing more I would wish for than see many new years with you and I love you. Keep them smiley faces up, and the love flowing girls. 

Smart Bravos, my only two brothers that I cherish and Love, I am happy to say that you may not have heard me say this, but you guys made an impact in my life, you made me see life in a different view, and no way i would ask for more with you in my life.

Gashungwa gakwa, we may have had our differences but I thank God for this far He has brought us. Things may not have turned out the way we wanted but thing is, its better of this way and you can concur to that,  I will always love you and be happy to see you happy, and that letter I gave you please do not lose it, I count you as a blessing in my life that I do not want to change. You popped into my life for a reason, God bless and much love.

Lastly I thank God for yet another life, 26 years of life is much blessing and as I start off my new year, I am praying for the best family, HEY TOTOS? WASUP!!!!! the craziest i have that we shall still be there for each other even in our oldage ( but we staying young right? :-) ) I am praying for a family that will still care for me and love me like they do now, especially my loving mother, my loving partner and the best of friends that I have.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wewe Rachel, vitu zingine unasema, nadhani kichwa yako inaruka, lol!

  2. Joan nini sasa....i am serious btw oh btw ur friend called me today

  3. My friend? Which one? You know I got lots...
    Hey! Happy Birthday...jienjoyi na maneno ya mdomo kwa blog washana naye...u just never know who's reading and how they translate some stuff, lol, am I making any sense?

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  5. Happy birthday girl. All the best