Monday, November 29, 2010


Dear PM,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good health. I should say I am greatly disappointed in you, I voted you in as my leader knowing that my cries would be heard, my way of living would change as I will have better education and my living standards would rise and my countries economy would be one to reckon with.

 Now that you are in power, you are using that power to hurt me and kill my spirits as a Kenyan. What if i was your daughter, would you hide me and still incite my killing? How is that I am breaking the law by hurting now one? What of those bandits who kill with no emotions? What about those that rape our young girls and leave them dead or with a lifetime mystery?

Mr. Prime Minister, don't you think that there is better work for the police other than arresting innocent Kenyans. Why is it you are hiding your own and sacrificing the mouth-less Kenyan? What are you doing to the big bellied Ministers sitting in your house but using young girls sexually? The drug Lords that continue to take down a young Kenyan life for his money? The corruption that sits in your office, and the thieves that continue to steal a tax payers money?

Prime minister, at this point when Kenya believes in Community policing and is struggling to apprehend and try those responsible for inciting ethnic based violence, you are now inciting gender based violence. The call to arrest homosexuals is a call to a never ending war and more blood will be on your head and as a leader you should understand that your followers follow your speech. You do not understand why we love our own and as a responsible leader you should know the cries of your people not try to finish them off because you want more power and you are hiding evil in your house.

My heart cries to your Mr. Prime Minister and if you have some Humanity left in you, you should be able to know the havoc you are causing to your people.

Yours Faithful

Nairobi Lesbian


  1. Hi Nairobi Lesbian,

    This post is really powerful and I hope you sent the letter.

    Take care and fly the rainbow high,

    Msenge Ushujaa

  2. Baba While You Were Away Lesbians took over!