Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Post card

I attended this conference by Young Women Leadership Institute, and the out come was so encouraging meeting people like me and people I can relate to. Well we discussed so much as LGBTI and I should say it was one event that I would like to hold in public.

A post card is usually a short letter sent from one person to another, often long distance stating how one is doing or feeling.This video was produced after a session dubbed "The Post Card" that engaged LBTI Individuals to use art, painting, drawing, collage and mosaic to express themselves and pass on a message to the society. This Post card is an insight from the young women's point of view. The session was powerful and brought out stories of power, celebration, hope and the struggle for equality and inclusion within our society.

Check this video out.......

Enjoy the message within the post card!

Thank you Nicole Khanali

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