Tuesday, November 23, 2010

East Africa Race of Champions... THE REMATCH



It may look funny that this lesbian is helping in hyping up an event but thing is personally I think it's a good opportunity to be me and have a great chance to help in a public event. When I was asked to do this I thought deeply about it and decided to go ahead and help, it won't bite, will it? I have heard cries of the gay and lesbian community cries to be accepted in the community but how would we be accepted if we just hide from unknown fears and separate ourselves from those we want to accept us? Food for thought. So as I help in hyping up the event I thought of my brothers and sisters, if we are amongst that crowd that we think hate us are have a phobia of us being in their midst, well then will they feel a spark of fire or a rage of trouble winds when we walk on the same soil they walk? Well, that's a fiction I would like factored and if at all the other community will get sick or die because we are their then I would expect to see them fall one by one and that is when I would give up the fight of us being amidst them and fight for our own separate space.


We are always having our own events, parties and all that but this time I am coming with something spectacular, thrilling, mind blowing and will keep your adrenaline rush on 100%


The most exciting motor-sport event on the 2010 calendar……. The East Africa Race of Champions is BACK!!!!!


This Closed Circuit event was the first of its kind to be held in East Africa. An adrenaline, fun filled racing event that engaged 4x4's, Quads, Buggies, Bikes & Rally cars in a one day "Head to Head" challenge


This year's event will see more interesting, fun and beneficial attributes being added to make the day a-must-be-event for all involved

…….. 2010


More driver/rider participation.


There will be more prize money to be won.


Introduction of a kids corner.


Enhanced Exhibition area.


Adrenaline filled Stunt Displays.


Additional Branding opportunities.


More spectators.


You surely dont wanna miss this adrenaline rushing event, it going to be the

biggest event of its kind in Africa.


Damage: Sato 4th: 200 bob adults and 100 bob for under 18's

Sun 5th: 400 bob adults and 200 bob for under 18's.


Season tickets go for 500 bob for adults and 250 bob for under 18's... This is if you want to attend both days.


Free entrance for under 10's if accompanied by an adult.


Both events start at 8 am and end 5 30pm


COME AND RUSH YOUR ADRENALINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Having gained sufficient popularity, we guarantee not only value for money, but also maximum visibility and top of mind awareness bearing in mind the following advantages:


Enclosed venue that offers great visibility with limited interference.


Uninterrupted access to the audience.


Exhibition Space.


Experiential Opportunity


If you have something to exhibit, well talk to me nicely and I will save you a space and be seen.


This is an event of the year one that you would talk about to the coming year, make sure your cameras are charged to full batteries as these will be memories you would want to archive.


Just a glimpse of what will be there check this out…





You would not want to miss this would you?

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  1. Amazing. Never knew you love all these exciting things