Monday, November 1, 2010


It was one hell of a weekend and if you missed it well then do not worry yours is coming soon. The Totos had their weekend in full, I mean that was one weekend that shall forever ring in their minds, the humor will always be funny with the mention of a single word. Thing is the Totos getting Totoed weekend was out of this world and I should say... I had one fucked up weekend. It all started with a simple idea, to have a totos girls night out and destination was Kiambuu. To say the truth I have been surviving on coffee since Totos getting totoed. I could not believe that my girls could come with such a wicked idea and make it so heavenly, well girls big up coz that was the bomb.

On arrival to our destination, things were cool, girls relaxing in the house like it was a normal "come visit me" thingie. The drinks were placed on one corner of the house, the girls sat on the other chatting away, the boys left the house since they could not handle the beautiful girls in full numbers, well actually 7 girls. But the fore that burnt up the place was blazing, really hot and fierce. The music was great and after a few bitings the drinks were served. The idea was that we finish up and head to a club in town and finish our totos night. The drinking and dancing commenced a moment everybody was waiting for. Well it is true that "kila sip in tuck in pain ama ni recipe ya mkojo." The drinkin all started up in a high note as the girls were tucking in all they could but kept on running to the loo. 

Now, i do not believe this but I went to the bedroom where my straight pal was doing her make up, well, guess what? I joined in and took full make up looking like a doll, the things booze make us do. My this is where the fun began, we were to move locations and go into town to finish up, my whore took a flush of dry brandy, ok she was fine.... no she was not. She was blacking out, at the balcony with my straight pal... no she was not blacking out they were making out, kissing passionately and exchanging tongue, well did I see that right, yea I did and you heard me, and the girl was like, your friend is a very good kisser.... WTF! thats TMI I do not need that. Mind you she was sobber and my whore was terribly drunk. Ring a bell? DANG! That was not all, with my whore's heavy weight she kept on dropping like a potato sack, full of potatoes, falling ass down, head bang, daymn! am sure she woke up with some fukced up aching body like she was really given some mob justice somewhere in the club. Holding her to walk was something else, there is nothing she could say apart from her one French word...'fuck you!' Imagine this, she can't walk and she is Frenching the only guys who would take us to town. 

In the matatu, I sat behind her with my really pissed of "straight pal" and my whore being the whore she is, inside the mat gave the Kange some really good shots and views of this he has hardly seen but heard of, maybe, maybe not. My whore with her whorelyness was now kissing her straight pal (who is on her case right now like flies on shit) and my pal, apparently who thought the whore is such a good kisser was so pissed off and myself felt like I needed to black out too and deny that I saw anything. Ok well thats my beautiful whore for you. What did the couple do, well they were behaved even though at some point the night was getting into them and finally had to leave, we had fun having them around and to see the lovey dovey they possess, wow, interesting. 

I hear I wore heels in the club, and danced to various songs? This is something, Rae in 6 inch heels and dancing like a pole girl, hahahahahahahaah please show me evidence, ati I danced with this dude on the dance floor who was carrying me around and dirty wining with me, and he gave me a tot of tequilla? Oh My!

To say the truth we had more fun than those who went to the pool party, no offense peeps, but at no one point did we have speeches!

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  1. Living large, having fun. Partying till the world ends