Sunday, November 6, 2011


I was there, knocking at the door to my boss' main house. I forgot a door bell exists. Standing there frantically calling Amanda's name, i could hear some movements in the house and i knew she was there. Then when i was almost giving up i heard the door knob click. The door swang open and there she was, standing in her bath rob, hair dripping wet like she was soaked in the bathtab. She looked beautiful as ever and i wanted to jump on her and just do bad things to her, but the suspense that was there was too visible that i could not attempt doing that, so we stared at each other and i did not know what to say.
"Please come in." she said, i tumbled a bit on the stares and she giggled, and then i felt things were not as bad as i thought. Well, I was in the house already, watching her walk to her room, I wanted to follow her, but i felt it was too much of a hustle so I sat on the couch that was next to the stares to the first floor of the house. i stared at her as she disappeared in her room. A few minutes later she came back mumbling something and shouted " What are you still doing down there, why dont you come up?" Ok now this was my chance to pour my heart out to her.

As I entered her bedroom, her gown as down on the floor, she was naked on her bed, pretending to apply some lotion on her body, then she gives me the bottle and without a word she lies on her stomach, I did not know what to do with the bottle on my hand. did she want me to shove it up her A***? Well, i did what came to my mind second, Put some of the content on my palm and went on top of her, legs astride across her buttocks and i started to apply the lotion on her back. Her soft skin lost me, I imagined doing some bad things to her, bad things that made women follow me to my house, whether drunk or not, bad things that make these women fight for me, bad things that made women want to call me in the middle of the night when am doing bad things to another woman, but this woman was special and if I could do those things to her then those bad things would be bad in a special way.

i cannot tell what happened during my expedition through her back, i saw her turn to me and pulled me towards her, she started kissing me and i was all over her, I was doing those bad things to her that are too special for me to show off. My head was spinning as my beast was coming out to her, she was screaming my name over and over and over until that things happened. Some hot gash of air was splashed over my face...O gOsH!!!!! ! I wanted more of that, as I was coming to, I was welcomed with a very hard slap on my face and she asked me to leave her bedroom!!!!

I was thrown out like a mad dog, tumbling down the stares, when i got to the couch, she was behind me, throwing my jacket to me, and next was my bag, opened the door and shouted to me. I did not want to be embarrassed, i ran out of the door, took the next taxi and went home.

I did not try to call her, even though I wanted to.

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  1. Wow you are a very talented writer. I can just picture your situation.