Sunday, October 23, 2011


There are things that we do not knowing people are actually watching every move. It has been 3 days since my soap opera ish drama and i am stil wishing the earth that never gets full would add me to its ingredients and just swallow me. So i walk into the office this fine monday. My eyes red as pepper from my inhouse indulgence. I have not even settled and my boss calls me to his office, i always know her greetings... Ray, have a seat... That was her way of saying that i have an appointment for you. This day it was different.
"Ray, how was your weekend?" She had this stupid grin on her face. I thought i heard her speak in greek! So i played dumb and just looked at her, actually i was staring at her. My eyes thought it is her i was staring at.
"Ray, i am up here. Please have a seat!"
That was a nice bust yaani! I got this dumb feeling in stomach and stupid in my head. As you know i am very soft spoken, i look all tough and strong but deep down i am not. So i sat down waiting for what was going to be my appointment.
"So Ray," she managed to get me off my zone. " what is this hulabaloo with Anna?"
I did not know what to say. I just nodded my head and cleared my throat.
"My daughter and i are not talking. So i need to give me info."
"I dont know what you are talking about." I mummered
I zoned out again and I just saw her lips move without hearing a word she was saying. My mind swayed away to the event of the weekend and really thought heard of what happened between Anna and I. How did she find out about my sexuality and who gave her info about me banging women. I thought maybe she saw me or heard noises emanating from my bedroom of the women i took home during my many escapades with her to which she used my couch. Maybe one of these nights are the nights that I banged her, or not.
When I came to, from my Zone out, i felt sick, and only heard of her last word. "You," I did not know what the hell she said. she stood up from her seat and moved closer to me and sat on the table facing me.
"Ray, I have always know there is something about you that has been drawing closer to you, and this attraction that I feel for you is just too much, and I realised how much I like you, the other day."
I looked at her in dismay and excused myself and without a word left her office and went to my desk. I wanted to call Anna and just talk to her. I realized I wanted her, I liked her more than anything. All this time i knew Anna, I was apparently hurting her. I just wanted to talk to her.


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