Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Amanda was happily married to Gabriel and had a very beautiful daughter, Anna. Things were perfect when Anna was still a toddler, happy people, smiley faces, perfect family it was. Amanda could not wish for more. 23 years later, Anna now 20 and the mum 41 life changed. Gabriel was not home and Anna was always out somewhere with God knows who, with what was going on in her family, she indulged in booze, smokin weed and staying up late. Amanda became so lonely, staying in the big house alone. Spending cold nyts by herslf. Making dinner and serving herself. The lonely nights became too much for her as she was mostly at home alone. For a good night Gabriel would come home but he did not have time for his wife nor his daughter Anna, and if Anna came home, she was mainly licked up in her room doing something on her laptop or listening to music. The good thing about Anna was that she was at the top of her class scoring A's in every subject. Anna was a good girl but what was happenning to her and her family was really bringing her down.

Amanda now a lonely forty something year old woman decided that life began at forty and she was not going to get old in her house without some exitement in her life. She started joining dating sites to find young men who would satisfy her sexually, and for her to spoil. It was an A game for her as actually with her beauty, brains andmoney she got away with anything. What Amanda did not know was that her daughter was my drinking mate, and what they both did not know was that I love women, sexually, an I am not a relationship type. I sometimes feel that Anna knows as i get freaky when drunk but since she has never asked me, well, to me she does not know a thing. On the other hand, Alex, my work mate knows. ALex and I have had an encounter before, i used to sleep with his wife, on his bed and it was mostly when he was out of town working and I was letf with the pretty young wife to myself. I knew his schedule, when he leaves and when he is expected home. On the occation of our encounter he was meant to give his wife a suprise, but he got the suprise to himself, coming home unexpectedly, late at night and comes straight to the bedroom to give the wife a suprise sexotime, asnd instead, when he opened the door i was busy going down on his wife, that is the pussy he was meant to be sexercising with, my hands got so cold that and my feet froze, my throat became dry and all i could think was the major fight at that tine and tomorrow at the office. i was suprised when Alex got a major hard on and demanded that we continue, after that turn off I could not so i asked him to give sometime to bring my head together, and I as i waited to, he started getting busy with his wife telling her how he so wanted her more, now that he knows he gets banged by women too. i left that house and left those two love birds to what they do best.
Amanda on the other hand is the director, Windsdale Telecommunication, i was her personal assistant. One evening after work aAmanda called me to his office, the call was quite casual and it being a friday evening most guys had left work early. I love the TGIF at work, we given liberty to leave work an hour early. Alex on the other hand was calling me nonstop and texting me to meet him at his place, Anna, my bosses daughter and drug mate was asking me where the action would be and now my boss is calling me to her office.
"Have a sit Ray," she started, " what are your plans for the evening?" i was just going to answer her honestly when she interrupted me as i sit.
"I want you to drive me somewhere, Its a local club in town and I am meeting someone. i will be wasted by the time I am done so am designating you as my driver."
What? My mind was racing, I am drug addict unlike you, I get wasted more than you do, how do you expect me to drive you home? How do expect me to be sober on a bllody Friday night? Are you serious?
I had no time to say no, she threw the keys to me and asked me to meet her at the parking bay.

On my way out I called Anna and told her that I was driving my boss somewhere so we could do our drinking fest the following day or after i drive my boss back home. So she decides to go ahead with her shool; mates and i would join them later, now that I have a ride. What she did not know is that her mum is my boss, freaky, i know.

We ended up in some club in Westlands, I was thinking, how do I avoid spanking women here in presence of my boss, and how do I take sprite and cigarettes alone. Well it was a something i would try but not promise. So i got off the drivers sit and went round to open for my boss. Then I heard this voice yelling at me....
"Ray, what the hell are you doing? That is my mums car!"
I did not have time to turn and look who it was, too bad for my slow and unreacting ego, by the time I noticed Anna, slaps were hailing on my face and this time my face was red hot. I was going to speak then she cut me short.

"now you fucking my mum too? Ray what is wrong with you, is this the boss you said you driving somewhere, in a club? Are you serious Ray, tell me what was last weekend all about? You want to blame it on the alcohol? Say something Ray."

I am not fucking your mumu, she is meeting someone in here and my work is to drive her home safe, and whatever happened to us last weekend i do not remember, we were both wasted and I wish we could do it sober. I would have said that but what came out of my mouth was "What should I answer first?"


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